From the album Grimoire


Redthorn, where the sylph had been seen
Slender humanoid beings
They come to harvest human essence
the nectar their gods crave
In belief that one day they will be powerful enough to make this realm their slave

A platoon was sent to investigate the rumours
Oisin was one, a day dreamer, a believer in the unknown
His chance to witness magic was now
Moving through the trees and into the woods
A voice echoed

a peaceful symphony of feminine beauty only he could hear
The others mocked him and they soon disappeared
Visions of faces merged through the bark, a face in the oak

Paralyzed by its beauty
A portal opened and long legs stood through it
Head to toe in golden garb

A most elegant figure belonged to these creatures
The soldiers stand in disbelief of what they are seeing

Face to face with her
The one from the oak
Nothing could ever even come close to the beauty, oh no

Not human but something more perfect
Staring into each other eyes
I never felt alive until her lips met mine

Into the woods
That is where I left my heart
Will I ever see it again?
A face in the oak took my youth to feed their drooling gods

Sprinting through the forest holding her hand
The troops shouted "Traitor!"
Claiming him a dead man
Manoeuvring through branch and vine

A hand of mail reached for Oisin

“You’re mine”

Light emitted from the trees
A bright circle engulfed them enabling their leave
All had turned to white; this is the land of eternal life
Eternal light

Not the place of fable
Where human souls were trapped and used to feed their gods
But rather a city of miracles
Where water pumped through its veins at the pace of the seas
Days merged into years

Every night she whispered plans of uniting both races
Everything was perfect
But homesickness struck his family missed
With permission to leave he set off on a horse
But do not let your feet touch the soil of your land if you do

"You shall never return, you’ll never come back, you’ll wallow in regret"

He agreed the conditions will be met Gallop my steed
with wind beneath my feet
Give me god speed

Through the light once more, to place less familiar
Barren. Cold. Alone.
The walls of his town reduced to rubble
Two men were working to repair the destruction
Oisin offered to help.
Tying brick to move up hill

When tying the rope his horse
made a jump causing Oisin to fall
The air left is lungs and the youth from his form
Crawling in this frail shape to a puddle
he sees his reflection confirming his worries

Into the woods
That is where I left my heart
Will I ever see it again?
A face in the oak took my youth to feed their drooling gods

Now my flesh rendered to bone
Cold. Abandoned. Alone.

"I’ll never forgive myself"

A fool to be used

A fool to be used for your gods

"I’ve been tricked by love
How many centuries have passed since I’ve gone?"