From the album Grimoire


He's been condemned to a life of begging in the streets
A world of ripped up clothes and no shoes at his feet
An endless thirst for water
A stomach so empty and frail
His bones exposed, a walking corpse
His skin so firm and pale

But all the while, one thing that floats inside his thoughts
Fatherless and forgotten, a child that was always lost
Something lurked inside of his thoughts
Could it be a chance that he was more than just a fucked up fiend?

"There's something evil inside of my heart. Cold and evil. A wicked curse that flows through my veins."

The wind picked up
The skies grew dark
And flames lit a path through the woods

He felt drawn to this trail of smoke and fire
His footsteps stopped at the sight of his desire
A torn up rag doll, casted out just like him
A father's legacy so cold and grim

"Father, oh father! Why did you bother bringing me into this world? What am I but another torn up ragdoll!"

A wasted piece of filth