From the album Grimoire


Consumed by the shades of her mind, my once love, O’ where are you now?
My brush has left the canvas since you departed
I pace these hallways and with each breath you slowly disappear.
she slowly disappears...

From canvas to canvas, you dissolve.
Your bones twist and sway to the dissonance of your sickness.
The final piece unfinished: dress painted in white.
I hope one day to finish.
My blade stares in disappointment, for I had not the strength to end you

It hurts, just the thought, that the lives you took could have been saved
And that I’ll never touch the other half of myself again
With gun and sword In hand, I step into the night
Your dress flies by obstructing the moonlight
Leading me to your victims tomb
With a quick burst, the door is unlocked
Pale my face grows to the shocking sight of your victims bodies distorted and scattered on the floor

You lay in the porcelain bath, drenched in their essence.
The bullet I fire moves straight through thin air, as your flesh re-arranges, my body despairs
There’s nothing left of you here is there?


You foulest of creation!

Consumed by the shades of your mind, my once love, O’ where are you now?

Your thousand faces, will haunt me in death forever

There’s nothing of you left
The moonlight, it beacons my brush to outline its beauty
We fall through the skies together, impaled by the spear

My palette tonight is your life
Struggling to the final canvas, I weep
With the last stroke, your dress is complete
Painted in red!

Water flooded through the roof
Merging through the demons blood the cleansing rain washed
In the last seconds of my life, I see you sat happy in that white dress