From the album Grimoire


“Fly my vessel. Unknown to them, you will spread my plague across the skies!”

The maiden sang her innocent hymns to the beast
longing to hear them all

She tamed the rage that resided inside
so the citizens would be safe from his wrath
A sickness spread like wildfire in the town
their expressions astound

“Could it be? That he, who guards our keep, wants to end thee?”

Poisonous spores soared through the air at the tips of his wings
the infected dying in the streets
A figure pealed through the emerald mist

“Wretched creature, your treachery will be met with the taste of my blade”

“Ohh why are you so blind to see mortal? For I am not at fault! As it is your own who have betrayed you!”

“I will not believe a single word from your devious mouth”
Slicing into Draculs chest, the poison seeped out
accompanied by the whispers of the maidens hymns
Our protector now gone and the maiden nowhere to be seen
The songs had ceased, a silence so deafening
Devastated he wallows in the crimson bath that he poured