From the album Grimoire


Heavy rain fell from the heavens above
And every ounce of pain was written in love
The candles lit the room where time had stood still
And revenge would soon be fulfilled
A curse within her soul

Sure lures them in for the beauty of their skin
But it never seemed to fill the void
The blackness within

Her eyes hypnotized her victims and sucked the youth
From their now lifeless corpse
She wanted more and more

She was white like the brightest burning stars
And the wind beneath her hair glew like the embers in my heart
Cold and still was the beat inside her chest
As I pulled my hands back from around her neck
She was no longer mine

Shaking in fear as tears stream down from my eyes
I did what i had to do by ending her life

Now's my chance to put this nightmare to rest
A unmarked grave filled with regret is all thats left
her rotting corpse will never see the light of day again
Those lifeless women will be trapped and buried within

But this nightmare is far from over with
I have to live with what I've done
The innocent lives she stole
The secrets I have to keep now end with my gun

I am responsible for her actions
I should have stopped her sooner
But my love for her got in the way
I let my heart lead me astray

I deserve no better
I have to end this guilt
I have to pull the trigger
And end my own life