From the album Grimoire


In the north, lay the ragged stiff face of Bjorn
The light of his kin
He held the brimstone that gave warmth to Harth

A gift through generations
His descendants care not to be heirs of his role

Baal set to inherit his father’s burden
Grew hatred inside
His brother Fenrir was marked the victim

Unaccompanied he grabbed the warmth and burnt his brother’s arm
Jealousy makes a beast of its host

Jealousy makes a beast!

Storming the keep with winds of fury,
their father beat the eldest with a flurry of rage
The younger distraught in the pain of his loss.
They tried to save it, but the infection was too deep so they had to cut it off!

Two decades now gone
a day of training commenced to watch the stone
An argument ensued between father and son

Sword carving through flesh of kin the brimstone removed from its keeper’s neck
Baal took its warmth to escape through the storm that surrounded Harth
With blood flowing from mouth

"He must be stopped! If the brimstone to return, we all shall perish!"

Fenrir, with tears in his eyes, tied his father’s sword to his right arm
He then jumped on a horse and stormed into the haze of snow

In the mist for what seemed like hours
Freezing when his horse keeled over on a slippery surface
A light red glow appeared
It was Baal

Fenrir walked closer when he seen Baal's face emerge from the storm of hail

“You always were soft wipe those tears from your face”

They charged at each other with Frost & Cinder
Iron meets blood
A feud between brothers will scorch the earth

Baal swung his massive Excalibur for Fenrir's head
but Fenrir used his father’s sword to block it It
stopped the blow and then lead a slice through his other arm
Tears of rage and a chilling howl

He fell and felt the ice on his face
Looking up to see another swing coming for his head
Grabbing the sword attached to his severed arm in his mouth
He blocked another swing
deflected the blow and struck Baal in his heart with his father’s sword

The light left Baal’s eyes as he fell through the ice with the brimstone
The ice melted with hellfire
the storm now ceased
A son rose and freed Harth from its curse