From the album Grimoire


I am the ruler of my orchestrated world!
I forged my craft through tears and blood!
I am the greatest creator of my time!"

A mind so intricate and complex
Split into separate creatures
Something so odd and so farfetched
Two faces with different features

How could this be?
Two Separate entities on just two feet

Two faces back to back,
yet Edward never seemed to care
It was like the other side of him
was something he couldn't run from

"I despise everything."

"But why?"

"They despise you as well."

"It's time we show them what you're really capable of.
Let's give them a symphony of flames, a performance they'll die for."

The audience take their seats
They sit so patiently
Behind the curtain, he stares with a smile

"I have to prep. They can wait for a while."

Edward whispers and paces the halls
locking all the doors while soaking the floors with alcohol
Kerosene lines the walls and the stench fills the air
but the people are far too excited to care

"It's time to start the show and you know what to do!"
He quickly grabs his coat and exits back to his room
The time has come to see his talents all in full bloom
A masterpiece is what they'll hear when they meet their doom

His dark side smirks and breaks into a laugh

"Ha ha ha! It's time, oh, it's time!"

Edward takes the stage and music soon fills the air

They listen carefully
The beauty is so overwhelming
They see the emotion
It shows so clearly

Heavenly melodies
Heavenly melodies!
But then, Edward suddenly stops his bow
and the crowd soon becomes confused

He quickly drops his bow and darts behind the curtain

"A torch will do just fine"

He spreads the flames and engulfs everything.