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  1. Zerotonin 1

From the album Self-titled

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I want to disappear
Vanish into thin air
Leave no trace that I was here

Clean up the scraps of
My broken life
Erase myself from the world

Scrape up the scars and the strife
Leave all the pain I’ve caused behind
Escape everything I’ve fucked and self destruct

Surrender my identity and fade away
As a piece of mystery
With no history

With no one remembering the life or death of me
Leaving no legacy
I wish to be nothing

My days are numbered
And I am always counting
Waiting for the final moment
To let myself slip away

I’ll be forgotten as memories of me die with age
Time will wipe me away

Wishing my life away
Pull the plug
Forget my name

I have no permanence
No defining moment
All I strive for falls short of nothing

I’m revolving in a constant decline
Evolving into a colder design

I find comfort in disappearing
Becoming a distant remembrance lost in time

I embrace the truth of life, insignificance
With a meaningless past and
Empty future of mine