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  1. -(matter)

From the album Self-titled

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I am not alive

I do not exist
I’m preprogrammed
My soul is destined for death

I cannot deviate the predetermined future
This will is not my own

Trapped in this computed reality of
Calculated misery
A formula for disaster
The blueprint of my life

Caught in the equation of
The methodical process of
Breaking me down

The cycle of torment
Continuing on repeat
The ceaseless agony
Will never decrease

My memories torture me
With a series of suffering
Always struggling
I’ve lost everything
Constantly remembering

Alone in this nightmare
I must find a way to escape here
I don’t care about anything anymore
I have nothing to live for

I know I’m not alive
I just survive to reach the other side
Continuing through this life of mine is
A waste of time
No hope moving forward

I’ve never felt so low
These thoughts
They echo within my soul
While they resonate
They begin to tear me down within

I start to question why
I try to stay alive
When all that awaits is
Nothing but a horrid fate

If I’ll die either way
Why fight through another day
To hope to find a gleam of
A nonexistent dream

My heavy heart
Has grown so cold
As it shatters
It fills in with stone

The only escape is death

I approach my destination
With open arms
I welcome the end

Spreading across my face like a smile
A rewarding grin of guile

My life doesn’t matter

I’ll return to the void
My whole life is destroyed