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  1. Sedate Me

From the album Self-titled

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Sedate me
I want nothing else to feel
Make the pain sit still
Crawling round and round my neck

I can’t begin to think how many times
How many pills
How many lines of chemicals I’ve taken
This month alone


This month I’ll spend alone
With regret


The only regret is that I didn’t take enough
So that I never woke up
My only regret is that I didn’t take enough
To end my life

Cut it up

Give me one dose
Two, fuck it
Three won’t be enough
Saturate my system with every known drug

Blurry eyed and numbered from the inside
I live day by day to be out of my mind

Give me a reason to quit
When life has nothing to give
I’d rather be in a world where I don’t give a fuck
Until it all adds up
Like a guillotine waiting to drop on our modern youth

Sedate me