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  1. Pestilence

From the album Necropolis

[Lyrics : Jack Higgs] [Songwriting : Jack Higgs, Adam Lewis]


In sickness, in health, we’ll rot here my love.
As her blood,had stained the palms of his hands,
Twisted, perverse his mind became.
Scourge of the land, the affliction of man.

On a pale horse named death we ride, worshipping at the blight.
From the day my dearest departed I knew deep inside that I carried this plight.
My eyes turn dilated upon the sight of the old dead dissipating.
Tactfully I use medical training, dispose of the organs, their bodies cremated to ash.

My grave affliction.
An ode too the taint.
Fatal addiction.
My composure lacks deathly restraint.

I have abused your mistrust.
The line between the poison and cure seems to be the dose.
Misrepresenting those who put their life on the line.
Dealing death, no restraint. Anaesthetise pain.

As his blood salted the earth,
The fetid taste of pestilence is spawned in rebirth,
And as he revelled in the carrion,
His flesh contorted too become,
At one with the plague.
Death pre-curses rape.

Careful precision.
I explore their lesions for reasons, I can not explain.
Afflicted, addicted to death, the human stain.

With their bodies stacked high,
The most unholy & putrid of scents, escaping his lair.
This congealed mess of organs and flesh acting as sustenance, binding his body to hang.

Dealing in the most covert of sickening ways.
The town guard remembered, the death rate out numbered their graves.

The death count out numbered their graves.

With careful precision
I explore their lesions, for reasons I can not explain.
Afflicted, addicted to death, the human stain.

I won’t be caught
Is I that you sought,
playing the doctor or so that you thought.
A thump at the door, the guards they did knock.
The door he did lock, the cellar he looked for his victim, no where to be seen, the doctors gullet had been silently cut.

Bleeding profusely,
I crawl too my throne, this was my lives work.
Encrusted in blood and encircled by bones.

I feel at one,
The alluring stench of death,
Never has anything felt any better.
Though its a fierce disposition,
I signed my life unaware too the plague in return of this life.