From the album Necropolis

[Lyrics : Josh Hillier] [Songwriting : Jack Higgs, Josh Hillier]


Enticed in the spiraling void,
The never ending force of automation redefined.

Absent minds wander through a gulf with an aimless ambition within a false reality.
Incapable of real life perception, a warped image of perfection remains.

You are the prophet of deception.
We are the ultimate design of apprehension.
The people fall unaware to the pandemic delusion.

Everyone will seise to appreciate the disambiguation of actuality,
All authentic design, real life outside the machine.
The eternal circuit of false hope and vanity.
Rid the world of brainwash media behind your screen.

The people search for fame by funding the, social media propaganda
With their pathetic attempt to show the world their substantial life.
Filtered pictures, and searching approval from complete strangers, that dwell behind
All of their computer screens in the dark, worshiping talentless pigs, mindlessly clicking.

Spineless cattle, worshiping idols of arrogance, and greed.
They are marching towards the inevitable end as our heroes die one by one.

The alternation continues.
The ever lasting automaton that is gaining control.
Humanity will crumble at the feet of the innominate.
Overlords that concur civilization laugh as the innocent disintegrate.
World domination, pandemic supremacy.

We are not the answer, but we can be the solution.
We may not hold the key, but we can all act as one.

Conflicting some, ineffective to former generation,
Behold modern day slavery in its finest form.

Fear what the future holds,
Anticipate calamity.