From the album Necropolis

[Lyrics : Jack Higgs] [Songwriting : Jack Higgs, Josh Hillier, Reuben Bescoby]


The story unfolds, through the wind and cold
A setting in white frost, parallel to the coals
Our two protagonists imbued with the old
Only sentenced to walk these wastes

The highest peak that people speak, shrouded in mystery
Spoken in ancient tomes, that hidden deep in catacombs
His comeuppance waited
In the form of the ice in his heart and the blood of his kin

Imbued with the word of the king
They traversed the harsh terrain
The older worshiped for the deeds of his past
The youngers efforts in vain

The younger boasted of his past
"conquering this peak will Surely abdicate success"
As jealousy infected his psyche
He coursed with rage

As they edged closer to the summit
Sewing the seeds of wretched torment

I've grown sick of these pre-concieved illusions and the notion that you’ve fabricated every piece of evidence
for your own satisfaction personal gain.

He sought to pursue his comrades path of fame
And if all that meant was discrediting his being
along with his name

For every single time you claimed dominion over I,
I shan’t live in your shadow anymore

"You’ll rue the day that you ever took light from me"
He raised his blade and with hateful intent struck thee
The younger fell to the ground
gushing blood from his wounds
his expression astound
The old one loomed closer like a shade of despair
cast his sibling down the wendingos lair

The frost hath prevented
Any fighting chance of him descending the peak
He traversed the storm
Settled on a ledge
Took night shelter
Plagued by guilt in his head
He wept.

Wiping snow and tears from his eyes.
Lay rigid dying frozen or seek passage through the mountain side
A cold poetic just was all that seemed left
As he entered the cave, the crypt of the dead

With the cave now snowed in
He pondered if this act from god was due to his sin

And as the days turned to weeks
His unrequited hate allowed his brother to keep
The very essence of his core at one with the deep
Encased in ice

His palid flesh so glacial it reflects my face
In place of his limbs, portruding icicles have now replaced
Bound by the frost in his veins, eternal husk of a corpse he shall remain
Exiled to the icy terrain