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Hollowed Records Welcomes BROJOB!  

Hollowed fans and thicc boiz, 

We are excited to announce the signing of BROJOB to Hollowed Records! 

Their debut album, “Talk Shit Get Kissed” will be debuting to the world on 01/01/2018. Along with this, we have several bundle packages to offer including the all new HATE IS A DISEASE hoodie and long sleeve, TALK SHIT GET KISSED t shirt, and for those who really want to succ it from the back, the XTRA THICC DELUXE BUNDLE for$69.69. :* 

BROJOB will be playing their debut show at BOGARTS in Cincinnati, OH 12/30 in which will feature early access to their brand new full length album. See below for details. 

PEN ISLAND feat Ben Duerr & Dan Watson 
SAVE YOURSELF feat Connor Reibling 
GOTH IS THE NEW BLACK feat Ben Duerr & Dickie Allen 
TICKLE WAR feat Cj McMahon & Tyler Shelton 
BE MY VALENTINE feat Dickie Allen 
TEENIE WEENIE feat Howie Favichia & Lucas Mann 
LET GO feat Andrew Patterson 
THE BIRDS AND THE BREES feat Luke Griffin & Mike Greenwood 

Orders are going fast, so click HERE to get yours today!


Hollowed Records welcomes Love at Last 

We're proud to announce that Love at Last, formerly known as Akeldama, will be joining the Hollowed Records roster! They will be releasing their debut album later this year.

"Akeldama is shedding its skin and coming back to you in a brand new form. The band will now be known as Love at Last. Jeremy Knapp will no longer play guitar with us, as he is pursuing a career as a fire fighter. We wish him all the best in this endeavor. Instead of seeking a new member we have decided to change roles. Connor Reibling will now be playing guitar and Andrew Zink will be the sole vocalist. With that said, we are proud to announce that we are releasing a brand new full-length album exclusively on Hollowed Records this year."

"We are very excited to be joining the amazing roster of bands with Hollowed Records. Since two of our members are directly affiliated with the label, it made perfect sense for us to join. We can't wait for everyone to hear our new album under our new label, which will be released later this year." - Evan Thibeault