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A Night in the Abyss

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Songwriting/Orchestration on The Nepotism Of The Constitution by Jordan Bain (Ex-A Night In The Abyss)

Guest Vocals on Cold Hearted Comeuppance by PJ McTiernan (Into Infernus) Engineered/Edited by Jack Higgs

Mixing, Mastered, Reamped, and Additional Orchestration by Andrew Zink at Hollowed Studios

Artwork by Megan Mushi at Yellow Mushi.

Special thanks to Andrew Zink, Pj McTiernan, Graham Clewes, The Alexia Agency, Hollowed Records, Connor Reibling, Dave Archer, Scott Canty, Charlier Charpentier, Matteo Dondi, Simon Garrod, Robert Bieganski & the UK tech/death circuit.

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A Night In The Abyss originally formed in early 2011 by Josh Hillier (Vocals) & Reuben Bescoby (Bass) as a regrettable teenage deathcore band. It wasn't until numerous line up changes and alterations to sound that the two discovered guitarists Chris Homer & Jack Higgs in 2013. This became the basis for the reinvented conception of ANITA, a love of all things evil and a thirst to encapsulate the grandioseness of film orchestration & symphonic black metal with the pure ferocity of tech-death. A Night In The Abyss would release their long awaited concept EP, ''Theophagy'' in late April 2015 . Following this, the group would swiftly release their first music video ''Vessel For Evil'' gathering an all round positive response and embarking on various UK tours/gigs with new addition Adam Lewis (Drums).